Magic Circle Workout

A few photos from Magic Circle week for those of you who’ve bought one for home and want to practise ……

magic circle collage 1

Most of us need to build our upper body strength and the magic circle is an excellent prop to help us do that, particularly with the press ups. Pilates press ups are done with elbows in… your elbows should graze your rib cage as you bend them.  If you can do an “elbows out” press up, which works the shoulders more, you may not need the circle to help support your body.  Press up “beginners” should start in the classic “all fours” position and just bend their elbows keeping shoulders away from their ears.  People are working at different levels in this photo…remember that getting your technique right is more important than working at a more advanced level!


I didn’t manage to get a photo of all the exercises we did, but hopefully this will be enough to prompt you and keep you busy over half term 🙂

magic circle collage 2 Classes resume w/c 30 October…. have a great week off and I’ll see you  back on the mat!

Sally x

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