Detoxing Our Skincare

In addition to creating a truly brilliant method of exercise, Joseph Pilates was passionate about eating well, managing our stress levels and minimising our exposure to toxins.

In the last 50 years, there have been dramatic changes to the foods we eat, the air we breathe and what we put on our bodies; our bodies have to work a lot harder to just get by in this more chemical laden environment. Yet we keep expecting our bodies to be able to do more. And more.

In her recent book “Breasts – An Owners Manual”, Dr Kristi Funk gives us her list of 8 ways we can reduce our toxic exposure. It’s a fabulous book which I highly recommend to everyone because it tells you how you can significantly reduce your chances of getting breast cancer.   But back to how we can reduce our exposure to toxins….

  1. Wash our hands  – yup!
  2. Dust and vacuum – should do more!
  3. Ban plastics – refillable water bottles. And definitely don’t re-use plastic bottles or heat food in plastic containers
  4. Eat wisely – more organic, less meat and dairy, check canned foods for BPAs – an ongoing challenge!
  5. Home – reduce and simplify cleaning products, avoid teflon coatings, use a HEPA air filters, swap man made for natural fibres – could do better!
  6. Grow houseplants – regular water required!
  7. Avoid skincare and cosmetics that use chemicals – could do better!
  8. Exercise more -sweating and deep breathing help eliminate toxins!

Over the last few years, I’ve been trying to reduce my toxic load & my family’s which has meant changes in many of these areas. Some of them are harder to change than others but one area that’s actually been quite easy to change has been the skincare and cosmetics we use.

About a year ago I was invited to a Tropic Skincare party by a good friend of mine. I was already mainly using what I thought were low toxicity products from Neal’s Yard, Caudalie (french grape leaves) and Trilogy (rosehip based from New Zealand) but I was very impressed by the fresh botanicals and zero toxins of this range and decided to be give it a go. Especially as they smell amazing and they felt so lovely on my skin. And they’ve won 100+ skincare awards!!!

One year later and I have almost completely converted to using Tropic! Healthy skin is my skincare priority and I believe I can completely trust this company to keep the toxins out. My skin looks and feels better and the natural fragrances boost my mood. What more could I ask for?!?!

When I was first invited to become a Tropic Ambassador, my initial reaction was that I didn’t have time for it!  But I so love Tropic products and I’ve been recommending them to everyone anyway that I decided to figure out how I could become an Ambassador around Pilates.

Tropic Skincare is a key part of my personal wellness regime.

I would love to introduce YOU to the Tropic range. The best way is to come to one of the “Pampers” – where you can try the products for yourself – if you’re receiving our emails, the date for the next one will be listed in the Events section.  Feel free to bring a friend or family member.

But if you want to just dive on in, you can go straight to my Tropic Shop and order something there.  There is a 30 day full refund available if you don’t like it. Even if you’ve used half the bottle!!!

Here’s the Winter 18 Tropic brochure

Or if you’re coming to Pilates, ask for a Brochure or about a Borrow Bag so you can try at home.

Feel free to ask me any questions or book a free private viewing. 

And do think about what else you could be doing to reduce your toxic load.

Your body will thank you for it.

Sally x





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