Stronger Bones Workshop Sat 11th June 22

Osteoporosis is a silent disease affecting 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men. You probably won’t know you have it until you’ve fractured a bone and had a DEXA test.
Your “Bone Mineral Level” is not the same as your “Bone Density” (measured by a DEXA test) but it’s a good proxy for it. In this workshop, we’ll measure your Bone Mineral Level & several other muscle measures that are so important in maintaining strong bones. You’ll have a personalised report to take home.
There will also be a group learning session explaining your report, how to tailor your diet, exercise and hormone balance to maintain and strengthen your bones. The workshop will be led by Sally Campbell of Campbell Pilates & Wellness, a certified nutritionist, Pilates teacher, women’s wellness coach and Osteoporosis expert. There will also be an overview of the different types of bone drugs available on prescription how they work and their side effects, to prepare you for a conversation with your GP (if you want to explore that option).
Tickets are just $30 for this 3 hour workshop, including a donation to Osteoporosis New Zealand which has lots of great resources on their website

Book your STRONGER BONES WORKSHOP ticket here

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