Body Composition & Nutrition Coaching

Body weight is misleading… time to find out what you’re made of

If you are about to start Pilates or any other health and fitness program, we recommend you start with a Body Composition & Postural Assessment.

We use the latest, medical quality bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to give you a true indication of your inner health. When monitored over time, you will be able to see the true impact of your nutrition, health and fitness programme.tanita scales

Measuring just total body weight can be so misleading…. as you get stronger, you build muscle, which is heavier than fat.

In your Body Composition Assessment you will learn your:

  1. Body fat (%) – assessed against healthy ranges


  1. Visceral fat (kg) – a benchmarked measure of how much (dangerous) fat you have around your internal organs
  2. Muscle Mass (kg)
  3. Muscle Quality (Index) – indicates the “quality (state) of muscle” which changes according to factors such as age and fitness.
  4. Physique Rating –  how much muscle you have relative to your fat and height
  5. Bone Mineral Mass (kg) – As we age, bone mineral levels decline in both men and women. Pilates and other weight bearing exercise helps maintain your bone mineral levels.
  6. Total Body Water (%) Are you dehydrated? The total amount of fluid in your body as percentage of your total weight. A benchmarked measure.
  7. Base Metabolic Rate (kcal/day) – the number of calories your body needs at rest. The more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate.
  8. Your Metabolic Age  – How old are you really? A summary assessment that takes everything into consideration.  There are many reasons why your metabolic age might be higher than your actual age, such as too much body fat, not enough muscle, under used muscles & low levels of bone mineral.
  9. Total Body Weight (kg)
  10. Body Mass Index (BMI) A popular health measure that relates your height and weight, but which can be misleading for some people…e.g. a lean, but weak person can have a BMI in the healthy range but a muscular person can have a BMI that is too high

You will receive a 1 page report which provides all this information about your own body and our recommendations for any changes you could be making to improve your health & fitness.

During the same session, we can also assess your Posture. If your posture is not what it could be, perhaps because you spend so much time sitting down, you may be experiencing aches and pains in your body OR you may be experiencing a range of symptoms that can lead to chronic health conditions. This is because your spinal cord – which controls all the messages from your brain- and should be protected by your spine, is starting to be restricted by your spine being out of ideal shape.

Your private Body Composition and Posture Analysis session costs £55 per person (9am-3pm weekdays) or £60 for evening & weekend appointments. Group or club analysis sessions can be booked at a reduced rate.

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