Kind Words

Thank you to everyone who responded to my news about moving to New Zealand. It’s sooo rewarding to make a difference to so many people’s lives and I can’t wait to restart Zoom classes, with a new background!

Here are just some of the many emails and cards I received (Dec 20)

And from 2018….. it’s an absolute pleasure to work with you, to see the changes you’re experiencing and to understand what that means to you…..xx

Julia G – Having been keen to take up Pilates for some time, I joined Sally’s class with a friend in September and found I really enjoy it. I’m far more aware of my posture and can feel the results of the last few months of classes in my core muscles. We work with different equipment every week which can sometimes cause a few giggles. Sally is a great teacher and I’d definitely recommend her classes.

Ros W – Being over 60 and having Osteoporosis I wanted to improve my fitness. Sally’s Bone Safe Pilates has proved to be ideal. Sally is welcoming and professional and her studio is fabulous. The small friendly class is just right for me and I am noticing a difference already after only a few months.

Marilyn C – I’ve been doing Pilates with Sally for two years and I love it! She is a fantastic teacher, so helpful and fun too!

 Jeanette L – I have been attending Sally’s Saturday morning class for over a year now.  I really enjoy the class and feel revitalised and ready to face the day.  Sally makes the classes enjoyable and fun with her enthusiasm and is always happy to help with ensuring you’re doing the moves correctly and regularly reminds you to breathe.  I can even see some muscle tone too.  Excellent class!

Neil C – Since doing Pilates with Sally I’m more flexible and relaxed. Happy days!

Judy M – After attending Sally’s Pilates class for over a year I find my fitness, flexibility and posture has improved greatly. I am completely confident in Sally’s instruction, which is professional, safe and effective, concentrating on core strength. Exercises vary from session to session so it is never boring and the whole body is exercised. I find the session fun, sufficiently challenging and effective. I feel energised after each class. I am so pleased that I discovered Sally’s Pilates class.

Michelle P – Since June, when my mobility was quite limited, I have experienced a “freedom” from niggly aches. This is all down to attending Sally’s Pilates classes. My core strength has improved tremendously and this has so much helped me with posture and most importantly, not having to struggle to get up every time.

Elaine M – To me, Sally is PILATES : Professional, Inspiring, Likeable, Awesome teacher , Enthusiastic Sally!

Alison W – I have thoroughly enjoyed my Pilates with Sally. She makes the classes varied in their content working on different parts of the body each week. I feel that my posture has improved as has my feeling of wellbeing.

Kay C – I started attending Sally’s classes in January of 2017 after a friend suggested Pilates may help with stiffness I had in my neck. It was all new to me at first but Sally was very open and friendly and I soon felt at ease. I really look forward to my class now. Sally encourages and advises to make sure we follow the moves correctly, ensuring that  the exercises work without causing any harm. I feel I have learned a lot in the last year and improved my flexibility. I would definitely recommend Orpington Pilates, it’s just great! 

Jane Q – I have been attending Sally’s Pilates classes for about 18 months now. With my lower back pain, I have found pilates has helped ease it so much. The slow structured moves strengthen and tone muscles I didn’t know I had! Sally checks your position is correct to avoid any injuries and adapts moves accordingly. I have become stronger and more flexible since starting pilates and always look forward to Monday evenings.

April L – I first started coming to Pilates as it was something my younger sister wanted to do to  improve her core after our older sister slipped a disc, so I was basically coming along to hold her hand. I did also think it would help me with my flexibility and core strength but as someone who already does exercise I didn’t actually expect to get loads out of it. I have to say I have been surprised not just how much I have got out of it in terms of tummy muscles being better and starting to be more bendy. I also am surprised how much I do enjoy it, its not the out of breath and pumping weights kind of work out I am used to, its much more gentle and calm but no less hard!  I see it now as an essential part of my weekly fitness regime as I head towards 50 next year. (Basically I may be old, but I don’t want to actually feel it, and Pilates is helping me achieve that!)

Paul O – I started Pilates with Sally/Orpington Pilates a year ago after suffering with severe back pain. I haven’t suffered since!  Very enjoyable class with a very knowledgeable teacher – explains everything and always finds time to answer any questions. Highly recommended!

Marina L – I started Pilates lessons for the first time in Sept 17 and I’m so happy I did. Sally is very welcoming and makes lessons fun although we work hard. Sally has a lot of knowledge in Pilates and wellness in general. She is very professional – I really look forward to the class on Tuesday evening. Only regret is that I can’t go more than once a week!

Barbara O – Sally is a great teacher and very professional. She always makes sure we are working to the best of our ability – not forgetting to mention all the different props! Always something different!

Marjorie G – Orpington Pilates is helping me reclaim some movement in an eighty-one year old very sluggish body. Sally is brilliant, she is helpful, observant when you are finding things difficult and never boring.

Linda B – Sally is an excellent teacher. She takes the time with every member of the class ensuring that any on-going back/knee problems are taken into account when carrying out exercises. She gives great encouragement. Sally is professional as well as friendly and knows her ladies individually by name. My movement has improved since attending Orpington Pilates and I would have no hesitation in recommending to any of my friends.

Sue P – I had not done Pilates before, and am enjoying finding more ‘core’ skills. It is a ‘fun’ but also serious class, especially when we use equipment that causes laughter. Sally is an excellent tutor and tailors movements to individual needs.

Belinda O – I joined Sally’s class after having just turned 40 and deciding that it was time to start looking after my body a bit more! Also having a history of back problems in my family I was keen to improve my core strength as a preventative measure.  Not being a person that has ever particularly enjoyed exercise I was surprised to find how much I enjoy Sally’s classes. Not only do I feel that I have had a really good workout afterwards but I find the sense of calm and focus within the class to be a very pleasant diversion from my everyday hectic life! Although there are quite a few of us in the class Sally is always watching us as individuals and correcting any mistakes we are making to ensure we get the best out of the class – if you are thinking about taking up Pilates I would thoroughly recommend you coming along.

Helen N – I joined Sally’s class about six months ago after just googling on the internet for a local Pilates class and can only say that I struck lucky. The Saturday class is a small class in a beautifully converted barn in the countryside and I look forward every week to going. Sally was welcoming from the start and her classes are clearly taught and friendly. I like to think I have improved but each week is varied with the use of different equipment and so there is always a new challenge! It is so much better than the classes I have done before at the gym and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.

Mandy C – Pilates with Sally- great classes with a first class teacher who brings out the best in people of all abilities.  I have not been one to stick to classes in the past but I have been attending for around a year now and find myself more flexible and upright. I never thought that in my late 50’s I would be able to improve my posture. Credit where credit is due, THANK YOU SALLY.  I also want to mention summertime “Class on the Grass”, a different experience in the open air with beautiful surroundings – love these classes.

Irene C – I attend a ‘bone safe’ class for the over 60’s which is held in a bright and airy Pilates studio.  Our teacher, Sally Campbell, is very friendly and professional and has a good sense of humour.  The class is challenging, which is good, and there is a lot of variety in the exercises we do and the equipment we use – no two weeks are ever the same. At my age, it’s good to be doing something which I feel will improve my body strength, flexibility and balance.

Sue M – Friendly but professional Pilates sessions. The studio is bight, warm and very well equipped. Small class sizes and Sally supervises individually when needed.

Hazel O – I joined Sally’s class to address my posture and to keep me supple as I get older. The theme of the class is different each week and Sally checks we do the exercises correctly and isn’t afraid to challenge us. She knows her stuff!

Esther A – A big thank you Sally! Joining Sally’s Over 60s Pilates classes has enabled me to enjoy Pilates once again! Sally is an excellent teacher!

Jan B – Very good class – tailored to my abilities. Sally is a very good teacher and makes the class enjoyable and varied in a relaxed atmosphere.

Elaine J – I’ve just started back with Pilates and have attended one term of Sally’s classes so far and I’ve really enjoyed them, I feel energized, sleeping better already – her classes are highly recommended!

Linda T – I had been looking for a pilates class for a while as a “return to Pilates”. I’m so glad I found Sally… her class is always fun and different every week

Anita B – I am sure these classes are helping me. Very enjoyable class.

Patsy M – Very enjoyable class with clear instructions. I am feeling the benefits.

Caroline B – We work hard, stretch and breathe out our tension, shape up and then relax!