Sample Classes

Zoom classes are “Live” at scheduled times. The teacher demonstrates most of the class, pausing to provide regular feedback and coaching to everyone who attends. Zoom classes are also recorded and the Replay Link sent out to everyone who booked the class, even if something came up and they couldn’t actually attend. Some of our lessons are “double recorded” so they can be saved to our growing Class Video Library. Here is a selection of our classes for you to try.

Caution: These sample classes are NOT designed for complete Beginners. If you have any injuries, pain or joint/health issues, please Contact Us for advice before following one of these classes.

A typical 1hr Zoom class for people with at least a few months’ Pilates experience. You’ll work your whole body, using a stretchy band/Theraband and drinks coasters (developing wrist mobility).  Not suitable for complete Beginners or people with low bone density.

A typical 1hr Zoom class for people of different ability levels who understand Pilates principles & usually at least 6 months experience. A full body workout prioritising Alignment and Stability, particularly for the shoulders.


A typical 1 hr Zoom Class using 1-2kg hand weights. The focus is on building Strength, Stability & Balance for people of All Abilities, with a particularly focus on hips, spine and wrists. This class is safe for people with low bone density and also popular with people of normal bone density.