Group & Private Pilates -Tauranga & Online

Pilates Class OropiWhatever your age, fitness level, body size or gender, just get started, Pilates can help you restore easy movement – strong, flexible and balanced, so you can get back to moving the way you used to. 

In a Reformer class, you’ll mainly be doing the same exercises as your classmates, but the Reformer will be adjusted to support and challenge you as appropriate for your body today and as you improve. Individual tuition in a small group setting ensures you get faster results. 

Lead Teacher/Coach- Sally Campbell

Pilates teacher

Sally is the Owner and Lead Teacher/Coach. She has been practising Pilates for more than 25 years. Previously in Australia, New York and London and now in Tauranga, New Zealand.  She loves seeing Pilates transform clients’ bodies, bringing people back to feeling great with new & confident movement habits so they can live their best lives, free from aches and pains. She teaches in a down-to-earth, straight forward way, with compassion, positivity and humour while challenging you to get the most out of your lessons.  She’s also a great example of how Pilates can improve bone density, having rebuilt her own when the doctors told her it was impossible!  Look out for her Bone Health classes!

When she’s not helping people strengthen and balance their bodies and minds or coaching women over 40 to regain their vitality, she’s often in her garden, at the beach or spending time with her husband and teenage daughter or Mum in Rotorua.

Movement Qualifications:  Balanced Body Advanced Reformer Instructor, CYQ Level 3 UK Certified in Mat Pilates and a certified Buff Bones Instructor.

Other qualifications:  U.K. certified Nutrition Advisor and Red Cross First Aider with a Bachelor of Management Studies from Waikato University, NZ.