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Mat Pilates with Ring - Campbell Pilates Tauranga
If you’re recovering from an injury or have a health condition, a group class may not be right for you. You will need to be able to get down to the floor and back up again under your own steam. If you’re not confident to jump staight into a group class, please enquire about having a few private lessons first.


Gentle/ Beginners Pilates

Focus on learning alignment, breathing, strength and balance and build body awareness so you learn to use your body more evenly and unlearn movement habits that don’t serve you well!  You’ll stretch and strengthen your whole body and learn to do it with control. Some people prefer to continue in this type of class long term but most people need at least 10 lessons before they’re ready to join an All Abilities class.  You’ll need to be able to kneel and bear weight on your hands.  Beginners/Gentle classes include exercises with a rounded spine –  they’re NOT suitable for people with Low Bone Density (osteoporosis)….  the Strong Bones Mat class is designed for you! Expect a different piece of small equipment each week.

All Abilities Pilates 

Different versions of the same exercise are taught for people of different abilities. Expect lots of variety using a different piece of small equipment each week.  Not suitable for people with significant injuries or with Low Bone Density.

Reformer Pilates – Tauranga Studio

The fastest way to change your body! Work out on top of the range Balanced Body Reformers, Springboards and Oovs or arrange a time to suit you/your group.  At the Miles Lane, Tauranga Studio.

Strong Bones Mat Pilates

This class is designed for people with bone or joint conditions, such as arthritis or osteoporosis.  Our focus is on alignment, balance and strength for the hips, back and wrists but you’ll still be getting a full body workout. No round back exercises in this class, so there’s no risk of spine fracture. You’ll need to be able to get down to and back up from the mat by yourself!  

Swiss Ball Pilates

A 40min Pilates class on a Swiss Ball. Suitable for most people, this is an All Abilities class that will focus on core strength and stability and challenge your balance.  Make sure your ball is the right size for you!  Watch a Swiss Ball Ab sequence video

Pilates with Weights

A Pilates based class using hand or wrist weights typically 1-2kg each. Designed to improve bone and joint health as well as your muscles – particularly your core, arms and hips, where most people are weak! We have people of all ages and abilities in this class which is suitable for most men and women, including people with osteoporosis and osteopenia. 

Core Blimey Pilates

A 30 min abs focussed class for healthy bodies. Expect to work hard! Options given to make it easier but it’s not appropriate for most Beginners.

Stretch & Destress

Improve your flexibility and release tension in this 30 min class to stretch common problem areas – hamstrings, necks, shoulders & chests.


Oov Pilates

Oov classes are the fastest way to educate and strengthen your abdominals, improve your balance and even out left/right imbalances…because we all have a dominant side. Not suitable for total Beginners.

Pilates on Zoom

Join a live group class from wherever you are.  The group size is limited so you’ll still get individual attention, stay engaged and make progress. Joining Instructions will be in your Booking Confirmation and Reminder emails. If you’re new to Zoom classes, request the Guide here.

4 thoughts on “Group Pilates Classes

  1. Hi I’m interested in the gentle / beginners classes – can you please tell me which day, what time and how much they cost?
    Many thanks
    Madeleine Lehane

    1. Hi Madeline, the class timetable is on the “Book a Class” page. There’s a Beginners mat course on Tuesdays at Bethlehem hall 12-1pm in Term 2. The other classes are Mixed Ability and also suitable for Beginners.

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