Private Lessons & Coaching

A private Pilates lesson can be booked for just yourself or a small group of friends/family either at the Tauranga studio (Miles Lane) or online via Zoom.

Whether your Physiotherapist or GP has recommended Pilates, you need rehab or prehab, you want to build your confidence before joining a group class or you simply prefer a private lesson, you’ll achieve their goals more quickly when working on the specialised equipment at the Studio (Miles Lane, Tauranga).

Wellness Coaching

Pilates helps to restore that feeling of wellbeing we’re all after. Moving with ease through our day without having to think about aches and pains, releasing muscular tension before it starts to cause a problem and using our breath to calm our minds and increase oxygenation.

In the last 50 years, our environments have changed radically – even when we cook from scratch, our ingredients are far less nutritious. Our diets have changed in favour of big companies’ pockets which rarely aligns with our best health!  The air we breathe is more polluted, modern lighting & devices upset our natural biorhythms, we’ve ingested and applied lots of chemicals which disrupt our hormonal balance, which all contribute to “wear and tear” we may not notice until we reach middle age.  For women, it’s usually perimenopause when they really start to pay attention!

If this sounds like you and you want to avoid the common diseases of affluence (cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hormonal imbalance & osteoporosis) and enjoy the second half of your life, you probably need to change some habits.  Let me know what your goals are. We’ll design a plan to suit you, with as much or as little support as you need.  Available via Zoom or at the Studio.

Booking Your Private Pilates or Wellness Lesson

Please use the Contact Us page to let me know what your goals are & when you’re available. You will need to  complete this Enrolment Form before your first Pilates lesson.

Cancellation policy for private lessons: At least 24 hours notice is required to move or cancel an appointment and avoid a full deduction.

Private Lesson Costs (60 Mins)

Private lessons are available either at the Studio in Tauriko, Tauranga, New Zealand or on Zoom/via the internet at your home. Private lessons for Pilates or Wellness cost $80 per 60mins.